The Complete ePCR Solution


Take Control of your ePCR

Zoi is an Comprehensive EMS Management Solution — not just another ePCR (Electronic Patient Care Reporting) program.  

Zoi empowers EMS Organizations to configure data collected during the patient encounter to trigger the collection of additional Clinical, Operational, Billing and Compliance data requirements.  

Smart NotificationS

Stay Informed

With Zoi’s built-in Smart Notifications administrators can be alerted to critical situations based on protocols and other organizational requirements.

Smart Workflows

Initiate downstream workflows based on situation and chart status.

Smart Notifications

Get notified for specific calls, conditions or any number of situations.

Smart Triggers

Send records to internal & external groups upon incident disposition or other conditions.

Connect to HIE's

Zoi can share data with HIE's as well as other stakeholders.

Opioid Alerts

Be notified when you have an opioid overdose and send data to necessary reporting agencies.

NEMSIS Compliant

Zoi is NEMSIS 3.x Compliant so your data will be compliant with your State's requirements.

CAD Integration

Zoi can integrate with your CAD system to auto-create charts and autofill basic incident information.

Heart Monitor Interface

Import events and vials directly from your heart monitor allowing for more accurate documentation and no duplicate entry.

Billing Interface

Zoi currently interfaces with most major billing systems allowing for more timely billing and reimbursement of claims.

Zoi - A Comprehensive Paramedic ePCR System

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